BUSH Guide - the Guide to PegaSoft's Business Shell

for BUSH 0.9.2

BUSH (Business Shell) is a powerful Linux/UNIX shell for designing secure, reliable shell scripts that can be later compiled as a fast executable programs. It can also be used an an interactive login shell or to generate Java Virtual Machine applications. BUSH is a robust and readable alternative to BASH, CSH, and (to a certain extent) Python and PERL.

Information on compiling is contained in the INSTALL file. INSTALL is provided with the sources.

BUSH is available for download from http://www.pegasoft.ca/bush-down.html. Discuss BUSH at PegaSoft's Linux Cafe. Send bug reports to ken@nospam.pegasoft.ca (remove the "nospam").

[elisa.bush script screenshot]
Screenshot: TIA IDE showing eliza.bush example script

Table of Contents

Part 1 - Introduction and Advocacy

New To This Version
What's Not Complete
Ada-BUSH Enterprise Endevour (ABEE) vs. J2EE
BUSH vs. Python
BUSH vs. Ada 95
BUSH vs. Java
BUSH vs. Ruby
BUSH vs. QBASIC/QuickBasic
Frequently Asked Questions

Part 2 - Tutorials

Interactive BUSH: A Very Basic Tutorial
Interactive BUSH Part 2
Command Line Interaction
Interactive Statements
IDEs that Support BUSH
A First Script
Creating an Organized Script
Stopping a Script Early
Progressive Development Model
Compiling An Executable
Declare Blocks
Script Debugging
Profile Scripts
Application Scripting
Restricted Shells

Part 3 - Language Reference

AdaScript versus GCC Ada 95
Case Sensitive
Reserved Words
Fundamental Types
User-defined Types
Basic Assignment and Expressions
The @ and % Operands
Command Argument Shortcuts
Redirection and Pipelines
The Current Directory
Flow of Control
Other Statements/Subprograms
External Commands
Interpreter Directives
Command Line Options
Command Reference
ASCII Character Set
Common Error Messages

Part 4 - Built-in Packages

Using Built-in Packages
Console Input/Output
Text File I/O
TCP/IP Sockets
Numeric Formatting with Put
Sound Package
Source Info Package
System Package
Numerics Package
Strings Package
Command Line Package
Lock Files Package
CGI Package
Calendar Package
Units package

Part 5 - BUSH Hackers Guide

BUSH Structure
Porting BUSH to UNIX
Porting BUSH to MS-DOS or Windows
Adding New Built-in Packages

Copyright © 2002-2003 PegaSoft Canada and Free Software Foundation
This software is released under the GNAT Modified GNU Public License. See COPYING file.
AdaScript language created by Ken O. Burtch and is a trademark of PegaSoft Canada.